Pictured here are some examples of the jewelry we offer for sale, many pieces of which are designed and made by Newman Smith.  Many of our pieces incorporate Peggy Smith's scrimshaw, but Newman also designs many pieces around various precious and semi-precious stones, such as Baltic Amber,  Turquoise, Amethyst, Russian Chaorite, and many other stones. We also carry both contemporary as
well as antique Baltic Amber jewelry from Russia, Poland, and Scandinavia.  At most any time we will also have for sale some one-of-a-kind antique jewelry pieces from the various African states as well as from Nepal, Tibet, and Indonesia.

Necklace of Baltic
Amber and Lapis
Lazuli with s.s. clasp.
By N. L. Smith



Faceted Baltic amber bead necklace
Length: Abt. 18"

Baltic amber necklace
Length: Abt. 19"



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Chaorite in 14 Kt. gold-filled bezel.


Ethiopian silver necklace with silver beads.  Length: Abt. 18"

Graduated, three-tone, faceted Baltic amber necklace.  
Length:  Abt. 18"

Ethiopian silver necklace with silver bar and small trade beads.
Length: Abt. 18"







Ethiopian necklace with clay beads, carnelian,  and little chevrons.
Length: Abt. 18"

Smaller graduated three-tone Baltic amber necklace.
Length: Abt. 16"


Ethiopian rectangle shaped silver necklace with copal amber and trade beads.
Length:  Abt. 18"

Ethiopian silver necklace with copal amber and silver beads.  
Length: Abt. 18"

Jet and s.s. beads with turquoise and s.s. pendant by
N. L. Smith

Thistle pendant set in s.s. with Celtic knot work design in necklace. 18x25mm $85.00

Carved ivory moon face set in s.s. Pieces are available with various stones (our choice)