Miscellaneous Collectibles and Oddities
Pictured here are a few of the unique, hard-to-find and sometimes just plain odd items that we have for sale in our shop.  Some people have said that visiting our shop is like going on a short trip around the world.  We are always looking for things one rarely sees anywhere else.  
Among the array of collectibles we carry in our shop are hand-carved Cherokee masks,  various handmade knife sheaths with some being beaded and some being decorated with quillwork;  hand-carved bone objects from several locations, including by local as well as by Indonesian, African, and Tibetan artists; the occasional bronze casting, such as the actual-sized human skull bronze pictured below; antique trade beads from the fur trade era; and...we... you will just have to check with us to see what our newest unusual items are.



Masks of the 7 Cherokee Clans.  Hand-carved by Davis Welch, Member of
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, from buckeye, mounted on arrowhead-shaped wooden plaque.

Life-size bronze of a
human skull with articulated lower jaw. A very unique  and unusual piece.

Russian Lacquer Box.  Snowmaiden.  Made in Palekh
Very unusual deep blue background.


Bracelet #1.  Kanuri Tribe.  Nigeria.  Old.


Polymer ivory cast skull

Ethiopian icon.  Baptism of Christ.  This a very nice old hand-carved and painted wooden piece  with two small doors that open up to reveal  the scene inside. 

Beaded, fringed deerskin knife
pouch made by Lakota craftsman.

Carved eagle head in ancient walrus tooth ivory handle on hand-forged pick.  Eyes are inlaid with amber and jet. Length: App. 3 1/2".
Sheath decorated with antique chevron beads.


Skeleton bracelet in hand- carved bone on elastic cord.


Ethiopian cross icon.  Very unusual, hand-carved, painted wooden piece in the shape of a cross which depicts the Nativity on the "door" side and the Crucifixion on the "inside".

Bracelet #2. Kanuri Tribe. Nigeria. Old.

Ethiopian icon. A very nice old hand-carved, painted wooden piece which depicts the Mother Mary and baby Jesus,  with an angel depicted on each of the two doors.

Small two-sided Ethiopian icon.  Very nice, unusual, old hand-carved, painted wooden piece which depicts the Crucifixion on one side and the Trinity on the other.   The two pictures above show the two sides of the same piece.   Closed 2 1/2" wide.  Open 5".

Russian Lacquer Box.  Troika. Made in Palekh, Russia.

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Pick  as above, but with very detailed hand-carved bone skull. Sheath decorated with hand-carved skull beads.